Go to BED!

I’m pretty sure yesterday marked the end of an (albeit short) era… Master O finally managed to consistently climb out of his cot. He’s climbed out once before, long ago, by fluke. I guess I can be lucky it didn’t happen earlier! Our plan had been to transition him to his big boy bed (which […]

Do not cross the line!

The one thing I wish I had designed truly differently in our home was to make our kitchen bench longer. This way I would have less of a gap between it and the other wall so that I could put a safety gate across. This would assist in preventing a number of things… Having to […]

What would you do for your kids?

Spend Less? Have Less? Sit in more traffic? Drive further? Put Up? Suck it Up? Shut Up?………..Silly questions Perhaps? Himself and I have recently made the (seeming rather fast, to outsiders) decision to up and move across the city in order to ensure a better all-around education for our children.  By all-around I mean not […]

The Gift of Giving

Each year, many people around the world go without the special feeling of receiving gifts or enjoying a big festive Christmas Lunch.   Many charities do their part in bringing  joy to those in need and there are many different ways in which we can also assist. At Christmas, more than any other time we […]

Talkin’ bout iGeneration

I was at a parents info night at Miss N’s school this week, being updated on the new Australia-wide English Syllabus (something that should have been done 20yrs ago if you ask me…).  The teaching staff were explaining the changes and updates and excitedly highlighting the role technology will play in this new arena. Now […]