Origami Tableware – How to Make a Napkin into a Flower

Today’s post is just to show you this quick and totally fab way of making boring napkins look really smart. Tonight we are having friends for a Japanese Sushi dinner and I thought a little something special on the table would be a great talking point (not to mention just because I’ve always wanted to […]

For the love of Ikea…

I’m very excited that Tassie finally gets an official Ikea delivery service (only 1st July – 31st August at this point it seems)… (We’ll ignore the fact that they have forgotten their “Tasmanian Cousins” for years while people here have called for a store, or at least a direct shipping option…) If you can get […]

Tips To Organise Your Pantry

Something that’s been long overdue in my house! Last weekend I took the opportunity whilst Miss Z was asleep (because frankly – that girl can rip stuff apart faster than you can fix it!) and started on the two main offenders: I pulled everything out, cleaned, sorted and arranged and did a good job of […]

Homemade Moth Repellants (Moth Balls)

I’m sure no one wants to admit they have crawlies in their cupboards (God no – me?? Never!). However – just in case of emergency I have come up with an utterly frugal way of keeping them all at bay.  Not wanting tons of chemicals in the house, I did a bit of research and […]

Road Test Tuesday – Simply Clean Products

  We have been given some Simply Clean Products to try.  Cute little bags of scourers and sponges all delightfully labelled for the OCD in all of us.  (I’m in love with that part!!). It’s just the type of thing that I like.  A job for everything and everything has a job:)  The labels make […]