My Dear Nikolaus…

Santa Claus is real. I know! Seriously! He’s going under the name Nikolaus and looks pretty good for a man who is over 1670 years old! Our Au Pair is from Bavaria and today we have celebrated with her the German tradition of Nikolaus.  The story goes, Nikolaus was actually the Bishop of Myra (now […]

It’s Heaven Being 7

Miss N is 7 today.  Amazing!  Honestly, sometimes I never knew she would make it:) LOL. (bad mummy joke). We have a tradition of breakfast in bed for our birthdays and N requested Pancakes with Butter and Honey.  I thought my bento breakfast was just the ticket to make it just a little more special.  […]

Worldly Wednesday – Baileys Double Choc Thick shakes

When I was a little girl, my Dad had this thing about getting a chocolate milkshake wherever we went and rating it out of ten.  It turned into sort of a family joke and I must say, rare as it is for me to have milkshakes these days, I ALWAYS get chocolate and ALWAYS say […]

Why I love Daiso

Its because I went in just to show Mel and A1 around and only needing 1 item (new lunchbox) and came out with 3 lunchboxes, a shower cap, crayons, pacer leads, biscuits, caramel corn, bento acessories and a drink all for $33.60. Daiso is a Japanese variety store that sells all sorts of homewares, crafts, snacks and much […]

Why is it a new bag always makes you feel so good?!

Say hello to my little friend. I have been searching for a new everyday bag for a while and last weekend finally found it!  One of the girls at work told me about a store called Colette and when I looked it up online I got really excited as I loved so many different bags […]