Worldly Wednesday – Breakfast Burritos!

How about a fast, filling and yummy Burrito? Breakfast Burritos to be exact!  Slightly different than the originals, they still pack a punch and allow you to serve up a great breakfast – even when your house is in upheaval, packing boxes surround you and the kids’ can’t find their socks. BREAKFAST BURRITOS Serves 2 […]

Wordly Wednesday – pizza pockets

Pizza pockets are perfect for changing up the boring sandwich in a lunchbox, but not so in your face as a slice of leftover pizza from last nights dinner! I find that both my kids will eat a pizza pocket whole, but when faced with a slice of pizza, will just eat the topping and […]

Wordly Wednesday – Valentine’s Googy Bread with Heart Toast Dippers

Looking for something a little different for a Valentine’s (or any other day) breakfast? Look no further! This is totally cute! Googy Bread with Heart Toast Dippers You’ll Need A slice of bread One egg The How To Take your bread and using a large heart-shaped cookie cutter, carefully cute out a heart shape from […]

Worldly Wednesday – Slow Roasted Pork Knuckle

A fabulous meal on any occasion – this dish is so easy you can prep it, put in the oven and happily forget about it for a whole day.  The smells will waft through your home and make you hungrier and hungrier, which is a good thing as it tastes so good you will really […]

Worldly Wednesday – Back to School Lunchbox Ideas Part Two!

Following on from our first post on school lunches, we have come up with some more great ideas to make your kids lunches fun and YUM! The big tip is to spend a little money on some good equipment.  It doesn’t have to be a lot however I will guarantee food will more likely be […]