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About Danni

I live in Sydney with my hubby and two beautiful girls.  Miss N is 5 and Miss Z is 1.  Our backyard and vegie patch are patrolled by our faithful StaffieX, Sheila.

I am a perfectionistic control freak who loves nothing better than being organised and organising other people’s lives. I also love food. Reading about it, thinking about it, searching, growing, gathering, cooking and of course eating it. I have a small business making celebration cakes in my free time called Utopian Delights and am currently working on another business which will allow me to further my love of telling people what to do and controlling their lives!

Until August 2010 I worked Full Time in the corporate world and gave it all up to concentrate on my family whilst they are small. Its been tough, however for many and varied reasons definitely a decision I don’t regret.   Mel and I met whilst working in 2002 and instantly clicked over a plate of baked yumminess and a shared movie reference. The only downside to our relationship is the fact she moved home to Tassie and is now so far away:(

This blog is intended to be a place where mums (and even Dad’s!) can come and share recipes, ideas, thoughts and grumbles!  I love having a good gossip about just about everything and look forward to sharing that with you all.  I hope you enjoy the experience – and if so – then please pass on our link to all your yummy mummy friends.  The more the merrier!!

Cheers, Danni

About Mel

I’m a 30-something Mum. I live in Southern Tasmania with my husband (A1) and two children, Miss E (4 going on 17), and Master O (he’s almost 2 – OMG!) as well as our cat, Target, who thinks he is the boss of all of us (and he’s probably right)…

We spent over a year currently living with my (very tolerant) Dad in his house while our brand new house was being built. That added another two cats to the mix. So in a small 1970’s house there were 3 adults, a toddler, a baby, three cats, a masked lovebird, as well as a cockatoo and 2 pink & grey galahs in the backyard. Suffice to say it was a noisy and interesting household!

The house was FINALLY completed just before Christmas 2011. Built on 1ha in a semi-rural area, we have grand plans for plenty of fruit trees, veggie patches and chooks. Our slice of the good life… So we’ve since packed up the kids, cat and associated paraphenalia and moved into our own slice of quiet semi-rural life. (Leaving Dad in a very quiet and empty house – the bachelor pad regained)…

A1 moved to Sydney after he finished his degree, I followed not long after and we lived there for 9 years, until we eventually moved back here to  start a family and have a more relaxed way of life.

I work at nights and care for the kids during the day. I’m a terrible housekeeper, so when I do get things right I blog and take photos cause I’m so darn proud of it – and to shame myself into organisation again when I look back on those posts! Danni and I are yin and yang – she is super organised and tidy – I procrastinate and am messy.

I love to cook, especially when I have the chance to take time to cook! I didn’t inherit my Mum’s knack for baking, but I’m getting there slowly.
Danni actually helped develop my true love of food – I really miss our early Saturday morning trips to Flemington markets, buying boxes of tomatoes to roast and all manner of other yummy things!

I’m really looking forward to sharing snippets of our daily life with you and look forward to reading your comments and hearing about your life too.





  1. UPDATE!! The bun is out of the oven…Danni gave birth to her beautiful baby girl yesterday – no more waiting! I cant wait to meet her xxx

  2. dannijh says:


    Well as you have heard our newest arrival, Miss Z arrived (much too) quickly on June 30! I know I said words to the effect of “I want this baby to just come out” but honestly, I didn’t mean in 2hrs…..Children! they take you so seriously sometimes:)

    All is well so far and we are happily home and settling in to life as a new family of 4. I’ve been treated to a lovely champagne brekky this morning with runny cheese & fig paste (which was FANTASTIC – kudos to my SIL & fam) and am actually looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.


  3. Brad Smith says:

    Great blog Mel and Danni

    Is word press easy to use?

    Brad (Alicia’s hubby)

    • Thanks Brad 🙂
      I’ve used both Blogger (briefly) and WordPress. I found Blogger much easier to use, but at the time I was using Blogger I didn’t have a laptop and rarely had access to a desktop computer so was relying on using my iPhone to write and publish posts from. It wasn’t a huge problem, except for the fact that I was unable to add photos from my iPhone which was something I wanted to do and at the time they didn’t have an Blogger app.
      When looking at setting up HYB, I asked around and more people seemed to like WordPress, so we went with it. I quite like it, but as somebody described to me yesterday it is more aimed at professionals and I agree.
      So my thought is, if its a clean look you want and you want to add lots of photos, try WordPress for sure. In particular, their photoblog layouts look beautiful. I find the Blogger layouts seem a bit cluttered (although again, I haven’t looked at them in a while, its just going off other blogs I’ve seen.
      But if ease of use is more important to you, go with Blogger I would say.
      You do already have a blog don’t you, I’m sure I’ve read it before? Where do you have it?

  4. Hi there… I just found you from the “parenting” front page and I’m going to follow you… I love to cook myself, though my time is limited and I don’t find the time to do it as much these days. But I look forward to reading about your foodie/kiddie adventures!

    • Thanks for the follow and I’m following you now as well, I’ve just had a quick look through your posts (while cooking dinner for tonight – so it was a quick skin, will look properly later) but I can’t believe I have never thought of putting the baby socks through the was in a lingerie bag – duh! What a simple idea, but so clever too! You have saved me much chasing of teeny tiny socks from now on 🙂

  5. Dan, you are an awesome cook and I look forward to reading your accomplishments. Keep them coming….:-)

    • Thank you lovely! Glad to hear people are interested!! Sign up to the email and I promise we will make it worth your while!!


  6. Hi, Ladies. Just ‘discovered’ you via the Death by Chocolate Blog Hop and HAD to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog. Have added you to my RSS feeds (because I’m so bad at Twitter. I know!) and look forward to receiving your updates. Kind regards, Paola.

    • Hi Paola – I’ve only just seen this now as Miss Danni rightly pointed out that my ‘about me’ needed updating. Thanks for the follow and I’m glad you enjoy our ramblings – and how good are the Sweet Adventures blog hops – loving them 🙂 Will be posting up our latest offering for this tomorrow in our Worldly Wednesday post. Bon apetit!

  7. Hi Mel,

    So glad I’ve inspired someone to make mini cheesecakes just for themselves. I also love cheesecake but just want a taste so my waistline is spared. If you have an email address I will send you the actual base recipe I use which I then chop and change to suit what ingredients I want to go in.


  8. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!


    Love your blog!

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