Go to BED!

I’m pretty sure yesterday marked the end of an (albeit short) era…
Master O finally managed to consistently climb out of his cot. He’s climbed out once before, long ago, by fluke. I guess I can be lucky it didn’t happen earlier!

Our plan had been to transition him to his big boy bed (which we had started) with the plan of putting him to bed at first in his bed and if he got out, we would put him in the cot. He wanted to sleep in his bed, so we figured after a little while he would get the idea that if he got out of bed he would end up in the cot. Good plan, but it seems we’ve run out of time.

Last night was filled with numerous trips putting him back to bed, only for him to come back out again as soon as we left. I ended up laying on his bed guarding him until he went to sleep, but I’m obviously not keen on doing THAT every night…
I’m thinking this week is going to be very trying…

Suggestions on how to get a very determined almost three year old to stay in bed?


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