6 Essential Packing Tips to make moving house easy!


Well – its official. We are packing up and moving!  I’ve always talked of my hatred of moving house (mainly due to the fact before having children himself I moved 8 times in as many years) and its made all the more difficult this time around as we have 3 more people, a dog and a bigger houseful of stuff, all of which needs organising, packing  and wrapping, not to mention storing, UN-wrapping and UN-packing!

 Over the years we have worked out a lot of shortcuts, great tips and tricks to make our moves easier every time.  I thought you all may benefit from my 6 Essential Packing Tips to make moving house easy!!

1. Use an Excel sheet

Honestly, this does take a bit longer however you will thank me later!  Label your boxes A – Z and then numerically.  When you pack each box, list out each and every item you pack on a separate line.  This way – when you are searching for something you only need to “Cntrl F”, type the name of item and BINGO! It’s in box G.  No more rummaging around to find things. (Perfect for long-term storage as well!)

2. Clear out as you pack

Make a charity pile and every time you go to pack something think to yourself “do I really need this?”.  My general rule states if you have not used it for over a year, you obviously don’t need it.

 3. Use a portable robe

Do not waste time folding your hung clothes.  Beg, borrow or steal a hanging robe and transfer all your hangers to it.  At the other end it’s just a simple task of moving clothes from one rail to another.

 4. Plastic storage boxes for long term storage

Sure, it costs a bit more but its insurance against dust, insects and weather

 5. Keep aside an “essentials” box

Things like breakfast and snack items, toiletries, toilet paper, bath towels and bed sheets.  Be sure to include scissors, pens, a mini first aid kit, painkillers and extra sticky tape.  This way, once the day is done you know the basics are there waiting!

6.  Setup the beds first

No matter what else is done, your bed should be put up and MADE straight away so the minute you decide you are done for the day you can flop straight into it!

We would love to hear your top packing tips!  What have you found to be invaluable when moving house?



Read it? Like it? Hated it? - we welcome you to leave a comment!

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