Do not cross the line!

The one thing I wish I had designed truly differently in our home was to make our kitchen bench longer. This way I would have less of a gap between it and the other wall so that I could put a safety gate across.
This would assist in preventing a number of things…

  • Having to dodge the kids while cooking.
  • The kids from taking things from the fridge without asking.
  • The kids taking things from the freezer without asking.
  • Finding the remains of a tub of ice cream hidden in Miss E’s bedroom.
  • Finding a frozen pea packet with a remaining serve of now mouldy peas also hidden in Miss E’s room (between the mattress and the bed frame – nice find when changing the sheets)…
  • FYI – I do feed my kids very well, but apparently stealing food is way more appealing. Miss E is now on a week long tv ban thanks to the frozen goods debacle…

    It would also mean that our kitchen floor doesn’t now look like this…
    20140223-221951.jpg(Aside from our still unsealed concrete floor – someday we will have tiles!) As of yesterday, our kitchen floor is now sporting a very official line of electrical tape. The kids so far are quite obedient about not crossing the line without asking. I figure the novelty of that will run out by this afternoon…

    What is one thing you wish you could change about your house? Any novel solutions to issues around the home?


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