What would you do for your kids?


Spend Less? Have Less? Sit in more traffic? Drive further? Put Up? Suck it Up? Shut Up?………..Silly questions Perhaps?

Himself and I have recently made the (seeming rather fast, to outsiders) decision to up and move across the city in order to ensure a better all-around education for our children.  By all-around I mean not just schooling but also community, family and opportunity.  However – you have no idea how many people have seemed to think us strange for doing so.  I hate to think those parents would not do the same for their children, if they felt it so necessary?

Personally, I would do anything for my girls and the thought of (loads of) extra money being spent on a weekly basis is surprisingly not worrying me at all.  Possibly because I know this is the right thing to do.  I think all parents have that sixth sense when it comes to kids and we have known for a while that things were not quite “right”.  A simple change of location and school is, I feel going to make a big difference in the long run. Certainly, there will be the usual challenges to face (I am not naive enough to think a change of house will magically “fix” everything) and budgets may be tighter than they have been (watch mummy wave goodbye to new shoes) but the changes are being made for a reason (or several) and they are reasons that matter to us.  Matter enough to make a change.

How much would you change for your kids?




  1. library geek in training says:

    Danni, If you think it is the right decision then it is the right decision….your investing in your children’s future and that if that is important and part of your family values then you stand tall and know that this is the start of something new and awesome!!

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