Washing line tips

I hate washing. Actually I mostly hate hanging it out on the line and then folding it again…
I’ve slowly worked my way through Mt Washmore, but I now have Mt Foldmore to conquer. Onwards and upwards!

I have a few things that are really helping to make hanging out the washing just a little easier…

  • Get a peg bucket. These ones clamp to your hoist pole and have a lid to keep out water and stop your pegs from getting dirty and rusty.
  • 20140127-193353.jpg

  • Have a dedicated spot for your basket. You don’t want to be bending down to pick up every item of washing (Particularly important if you have just had a baby. You’ve got lots of washing to do and are still healing). Dad has an old school desk that he puts his washing basket on. He very kindly made me up an awesome basket bench for me! Best. Thing. Ever!
  • 20140127-193342.jpg

  • Wear your pegs. Master O got me onto this one. He was helping me by handing pegs to me one day, then started pegging them onto my top. Perfect for hanging out sheets and big items that need more than a couple of pegs. Saves you going back and forth getting pegs when your hands are full.
  • 20140127-193242.jpg

  • Double peg. Speaking of sheets, do yours bunch up on the line no matter how tightly you peg them down? Try double pegging. The inside one keeps the outside peg in place and hey presto! Your sheets don’t punch up. This works best with two different types of pegs, rather than two identical peg types.
  • 20140127-193324.jpg
    Now if I just manage to get out there and actually start hanging out the clothes, we’ll be onto a winner!



    1. it’s a little sad how enthusiastically I read this. Couldn’t agree more about having a surface for the basket. I’ve realised lately that not only do I hate folding and sorting washing but so does the rest of my family and it’s unlikely to change. So to avoid our own Mt Foldmore (love it!) I’ve started getting nerdy at the line – I’ve accepted I rather spend an extra few minutes there (especially in nice weather when the kids are playing outside) than ages sorting and folding later.

      I’ve taken to sorting as I hang stuff up – everyone gets 2 or 3 lines each. Then, when I’m bringing clothes in I fold and create piles as I go – for example I take down all my husband’s t-shirts, then his shorts, underwear etc, and fold them into a pile on one side of the basket, making a similar pile for my clothes on the other. The kids stuff then goes similarly on top. That way, not only is everything already folded when I bring it in but it’s sorted by person AND by drawer which makes putting things away easy, even for the kids.

      If someone had told me even a year ago that I’d be doing this I’d probably have walked away from my life, but it’s making this chore much less painful. I’m hoping to avoid having a family room full of clean but jumbled, unfolded clothes like the one I grew up with!

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