Valentines Day Bag Toppers FREE {Printable}!

We’re not big on Valentine’s Day in this house, we might have a slightly fancier dinner at home, but that’s about as far as it goes. In fact, I’m heading out to spend time with some of my other loves this Valentine’s Day – some of my awesome Mother’s Group friends.

But I do want to leave a treat behind for my big big loves. So I asked Danni to create a cute Valentines treat bag topper printable for me and to share with you. You are only limited by your imagination! Print it out, cut to the size you need, fold and secure to your gift bag.

I made some white chocolate freckle hearts for the kids.
And for A1, I can’t decide on the sweet pink-hued raspberry M&M’S or the Starburst Noughts and Crosses (or kisses and hugs)…
I’ve started a Pinterest board with a few other ideas to pop in a valentines bag and will add some more items through the week. Pop on over to our Pinterest page and follow it if you want to keep up with the additions.

Whatever sweet thing you decide upon, make sure you download your FREE {Printable} Valentines Day Treat bag Toppers HERE!!


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