The never ending list…

We’ve had a busy weekend pottering about the house, so not much to blog about. Though we did go school shoe shopping yesterday. I could probably write a post alone about how freaking painful that little exercise can be…

However I do rather feel that this weekend has been a little like The Block at our place. I LOVE The Block tv show (give some people an empty shell and create an apartment/house worth a gazillion dollars). I wish we had their budget and could get stuff done on their strict time frame (minus the crazy stress involved).
But things are looking alive in our paved area.
A1 has been kicking on with our woodfired pizza oven construction. Hoping to have it complete by Easter – yay!
Then he went to his favourite store – Bunnings (like crack for husbands apparently), and came home with lots of herb seeds and seedlings and a vertical planter kit.
He’s mounted it on the wall outside our kitchen. This way I apparently won’t forget about the fact that they are there and not water them (good luck with that!)
Can’t wait until they grow a bit and hopefully create an edible vertical garden! Now to keep them alive…

Now we just have to (in no particular order):

  • Build the deck
  • Build a shed/garage
  • Finish the pizza oven
  • Finish the fire pit
  • Get chooks and a chook shed
  • Landscape pretty much everywhere
  • Tile the kitchen/living/bathroom floors
  • Cover over the orchard and veggie patch areas
  • Get new soil and replant our wine barrels
  • Plant out some grape vines
  • Not much really, give us twenty years and we might have it finished!

    For those that have built, are your houses still a work in progress?



    1. It’s a bit like The Block at our house at the moment too! We’ve just had a shed built and now have a few garden beds to sort out! Very jealous of your pizza oven! We would love one of those!! 🙂

      • I can’t wait for it to be finished – perfect for the colder Tassie weather too!
        Garden beds for our veggies was our big project for last Summer. Looking forward to doing some of our ‘decoration’ beds now!

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