Fast Workday Dinners – Chicken, Peach and Fetta Wraps!

Back to school crayons pic

Starting the back at school routine this coming week is going to be tough for everyone!  Help your family get back into the swing of things quickly by ensuring you are as organised as you can be.

Our Back-To-School Series contained some great ideas to help you all get back on track quickly.   Our Back to School Shop List, Family Calendar and Monthly Meal Plan Printables are FREE and really easy to use!  Download them today and see how much of a difference they make at your place!

Having dinner on the table quickly is a sure fire way to keep the momentum of routine going.  Why not try this great summer recipe tonight?

Chicken, Peach & Fetta Wrap Pic

Chicken, Peach & Fetta Wraps

Makes 1 x Serving

To really make this a fast dinner, use pre-made (or pre-bought) chicken schnitzels.


1 x Chicken Schnitzel

1 x Burrito Tortilla

1 x large handful Baby Rocket

½ peach, sliced into wedges

1/2 Avocado – sliced

A small handful Fetta, crumbled

½ a Spring Onion, sliced into strings lengthways



  • Cook your Chicken Schnitzel until crispy and your peach wedges until charred;
  • Spread some mayonnaise on your wrap and top with the rocket;
  • Slice your chicken into strips and lay on top the rocket, followed by the spring onions, peach wedges, avocado and crumbled fetta.
  • Serve Immediately

Read it? Like it? Hated it? - we welcome you to leave a comment!

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