Back-To-School Time! Free {Printables}!

Back to school crayons pic

The Holidays are almost over – Whoohoo!

Here at HYB, we are sure we are not the only parents thinking the same thing!!  As great as holidays are, getting the kids back to school and into the routine of life is a lovely prospect.

We have come up with a great series of back-to-school stuff and over the next few weeks will be sharing lots of tips, ideas and lunchbox recipes to help you get organised quickly and easily. We will also be sharing some of our new FREE Printables which will help to streamline your days, organise your afternoons and generally give you more free time!  We would love to hear your great tips for back-to-school time too!

Take a day to go through your children’s school things (clothes, book lists etc) and check what needs replacing, mending, altering or purchasing.  Using the Back-to-School Shopping Printable, create a comprehensive list of what’s needed for each child and (if possible) try & head to the shops alone to complete your purchases!!

Ensure all clothing and other items are marked with your child’s name.  Laundry markers are perfect for clothing and we have included two different styles of labels in our printables pack to help you with everything else.  Both styles are customisable with your child’s details and are ready to be printed on adhesive paper and cut out!

Simply click on the Link under the image to download!

Shop List Title PicDownload your FREE Shopping List HERE!!

crayon tile pic

roundlabel title

Download the Crayon Labels HERE!                                                                         Download the round labels HERE!



  1. […] Back-To-School Series contained some great ideas to help you all get back on track quickly.   Our Back to School Shop List, Family Calendar and Monthly Meal Plan Printables are FREE and really easy to use!  Download them […]

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