A Wee Problem…

I have to write about this or I will yell some more instead, and I’m trying really hard not to yell any more (whether it be at the wall, the kids, the cat or my husband)…

This morning has been a battle of the wills between myself and almost-three Master O. He wanted a bowl of Cheerios and rice bubbles and sultanas (he likes to mix things up), so I gave him that and within one minute he is jumping down from the table to play with his trains. So begins the breakfast battle of the wills.

I’m determined that he will eat a proper breakfast as this afternoon he and Miss E head to childcare, and because it is an afternoon session they don’t get fed until afternoon tea. Yesterday they both barely touched their lunch before we left and so were hungry all afternoon apparently (Mother of the Year right there)…
So I wanted them both to have a proper breakfast dammit!! He kept getting down and so I put him in time out. In his cot because he won’t stay put otherwise. This happened a few times (I’m sure there are better ways to deal with it, but I’m yet to find one that works for us).

On the second time out I was preparing dinner (chicken pot pies – YUM!). He climbed out of his cot (he is rarely able to do this). Then retrieved his morning wet nappy from the nappy bin and opened it. As in, removed the lining gel stuff from the outer nappy material. Because that’s apparently what you do when you are an inquisitive toddler in time out and Mummy is blissfully unaware…

Next thing I know he is walking past me into the front room. I start to go and get him to ask him to return to the table when I almost step in a chunk of what (to me) looks like JellyBaff… Completely unaware what it is, I touch it and ask Master O where it came from.
“Inside” he tells me…
This game of verbal hide and seek went on for a good 20 minutes while I was cleaning up chunks of stuff and searching for what I somehow assumed would be an opened box of JellyBaff. (Don’t ask me how I thought he could have retrieved the left over box from Miss E’s party from my room, filled up a sink and poured it in. Particularly in such a short amount of time. I also don’t know how I thought that could be logical, but it was the only explanation I could think of).

I was still thinking this when I picked some up and smelt it…
I knew exactly what it was.
I freaked out a little and, I admit it, yelled a lot (not proud of that)…
Then in a decidedly 5 year old manner yelled out that I was holding wee. Regressed much??

Anyway, I’m now picking pits of wee jelly stuff out of our carpet. Sigh. I’m actually quite looking forward to work this afternoon now…The nappies are now going straight out to the big outside bin. No more nappy investigations. I guess I can be happy it wasn’t poo…



  1. Ugh that jelly stuff is gross! I have to stop yelling too. It only makes me feel momentarily better, and then usually a whole lot worse.
    Although sometimes asking my almost 3 year old to do something 3-7 times in a nice calm voice falls on deaf ears and yelling is the only thing that will break trough his selective deafness haze.

    • Master O actually listens SO much better than Miss E (5). If I hadn’t had her hearing tested twice, I would think she has a hearing problem, but I think she just spaces out a lot and concentrates intensely on what she does. Geez it drives me nuts though!

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