Merry Christmas to all… (and to all, a good night)

Yes indeed, that’s us done for the year. We’d like to extend our massive thanks and appreciation to all of our readers, new and old.
Thanks for sticking with us this year and sharing your thoughts with us too – we love to hear from you (don’t be shy)!

We’re hoping to launch our new site really soon, we’ve had delays on the design side, but we are so excited about the coming year.

Danni is planning lots of awesome printables to share with you and we’ll still have plenty of great recipes, craft and organisational tips and our fair share of parenting fails and occasional awesomeness too!

We’re taking a few weeks off to spend with our families, as well as each other! Danni is bringing her family down for their first trip to Tassie, so be sure to keep in touch and check in via our social media sites for our adventures while she is down. We’ll be sharing for sure.

So you don’t miss a thing, be sure to follow us:

Have a safe & happy holiday season!

  • Danni & Mel xxx
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