Free {Printable} School Holiday Planner

 School Holiday Planner Title Pic

It seems each and every school holidays (at least in our house) everyone is happy for the first week and then the kids start moping and whinging “I’m Bored” or “There’s nothing to do”.

It can be hard for any parent to keep the kids happy in the holidays – we know!  Sometimes you find one week is choc-a-block with things to do and the next – practically empty, or sometimes, despite all good intentions, you never manage to catch up with people for play days or organise extra beach trips.

We all know kids thrive on routine and one way to keep your tribe happy these holidays is to keep some semblance of your regular routine running.  Sure, everyone may enjoy a sleep in but ensuring everyone is up at a reasonable time, has a proper breakfast and is dressed for the day can help to keep the household running smoothly.

Another great idea is to organise your holiday time, just as you would a regular school week.  Honey, You Baked! have made this really easy for you with our free {Printable} School Holiday Planner.   This one page sheet helps you to organise your holiday week so everyone can easily see what exciting things are happening.  There is also a “Things to Do” section where you (or the kids) can note down activities to do or places to go.

Download your Free {Printable} School Holiday Planner HERE!

Have Fun These Holidays!


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