Countdown to Christmas – How to make Christmas Crackers!

christmas crackers

I don’t think it would really feel like Christmas if there were no Christmas Crackers.  Nice ones too – not those cheap excuses you get from most shops nowadays.  I like crackers to not only look beautiful, but to have lovely and useful things inside, not silly Dad jokes and bad Christmas hats (which no one likes wearing anyway).

This year I have made my own – really easily, using the beautiful wrapping paper I brought for my present wrapping.   I chose to make only 6 and have them or Christmas breakfast with our little family.  That way, costs didn’t blow out and it didn’t take me forever.  I chose a chocolate and a small personalised gift for each person (cosmetics, hair ribbons and the like).  Here’s how you do it:


  • Cardboard tube (empty loo rolls are a perfect size, or you can cut down an empty wrapping paper tube)
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Clear Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Cracker Snaps (available from most good craft stores)
  • Gifts/chocolates for the inside


Cut down your wrapping paper to the length of the tube you are using and add about 5 inches to each end.  Ensure the paper rolls around the tube and overlaps by only a tiny amount – you don’t need to waste paper and they need to be easy enough to rip apart;

Place your tube in the centre of the paper and add your goodies to the inside;

Place a cracker snap along the cardboard tube, ensuring an even amount is sticking out at each end and secure at each end of the roll with a piece of tape;

Carefully roll the paper around the tube and close with a small piece of tape;

Take your ribbon and carefully and firmly tie one end of the cracker just after the end of the roll (ensuring you catch the cracker snap within it).  You may need to help the paper crush in a little so it does not rip.  Repeat at the other end;

Continue until you have one for each guest.

These crackers are a really simple and lovely addition to anyones Christmas Table.  Add a name label and they can be used as a lovely place marker, or you could even make one in a larger size as a cute wrapping idea for a gift!

Why not try and make a few this weekend for your Christmas Day?



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