How to wash kids long hair – with no tears!!

Miss E had her dance concert this weekend. I was so proud of her and her group they did amazingly. It was a long day with a morning and evening concert, and even though the younger groups were allowed to leave after their second dance at the evening concert, most of them were keen to stay around to dance in the finale and they rocked it!
Of course, Sunday morning, Miss E awoke with an extra big birds nest of knotted hair sticky with styling product. Yuck!
She HATES having her hair washed. It generally ends up with screaming and tears on her part and often only half washed hair.
I’d been meaning to try washing in the kitchen sink as that is what Mum used to do with me. I also had long hair and probably also used to carry on the same as Miss E. I did love having my hair washed in the sink though.

What you’ll need….

  • A sink with an adjacent bench long enough for your child.
  • A towel to lay on and an extra one for under the head.
  • Shampoo and (if using) Conditioner.
  • A face washer to put above your child’s eyes, just to make sure water doesn’t creep down towards the eyes.
  • A cup for rinsing.
  • And she SMILED while I did it!
    Her hair is very long and there is lots of it which makes it appear thick, but its actually really fine and tangles really easily. So after rinsing out the shampoo, I use conditioner. I brushed it through getting rid of all the knots (like these below) making it easier to deal with once the conditioner was washed out.
    Another brush once rinsed out to get rid of any new tangles. We have a knot genie brush, they are expensive but it means I can brush through knots without it causing Miss E discomfort – so worth the price!

    We got through the whole hair wash and brushing without a single panic, complaint or tear! I will be washing her hair this way from now on!



    1. Thank you soooo much for this awesome idea! I have a major hair washing screamer. I hate having to “just do it” while she gets so upset, so this is a super cool idea xoxo

      • It’s horrible forcing it on them isn’t Kristy? This way you can do a proper wash too – no half washed hair!! Let is know how it goes for you! ~Mel~

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