Countdown to Christmas – How to make a Cool Advent Calendar

OK. So I know its a bit late to be showing you how to make an Advent Calendar, however I could not resist showing mine off (and truthfully, I didn’t have it finished last week!) Better late than never!!

I have been wanting to make a groovy calendar for years now – my children having always had the good old cardboard number you get in the supermarkets.  I wanted something cool, something fun, something easy and this year – I found it!

Ta Dah!!

Say Hello to my Christmas Sock Advent Calendar!!

xmas sock advent calendar

After FINALLY sourcing all my Christmas socks (much harder to find cheaply than I first thought) from ALDI and Amazon, I picked up all the other little things to make this project work.  Mini wooden pegs from Wrapco, Ribbon from the $2 shop, mini chocolates from ALDI and a great little set of Advent Calendar Activities in printable form from My Little Table.

Since the silly season is always hectic and we have so much on already anyway, I used only 8 activities (in the big socks) and gave the little sizes only chocolate.

I Love It!  It looks fantastic and its easily stored away for next year.




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