Countdown to Christmas – Classmate Gifts

After my Teacher Gift post last week, I’m following up with an idea for classmate gifts. I didn’t want them to be anything extravagant, just a little something sweet. Miss E is a bit obsessed with candy canes, so I decided to whip up some little paper bag stars to hold a candy cane treat.

Since they are fully sewn up, these can double as Christmas decorations – if the kids don’t rip them open before they arrive home from school!

These are really simple to make – I am not a sewer at all (A1 usually does any sewing required in this household)… So much so, I actually had to Google for a You Tube video to show how to thread the machine up! If I can do this, ANYONE can!

Paper Bag Christmas Stars
You’ll Need:
A sewing machine and cotton.
Paper lunch bags.
A star template (I used a large cookie cutter).
Pencil for tracing.
Stickers/decals for decoration.
Treats to pop in the middle (mini candy canes and jelly beans, little chocolates, stickers, erasers etc. Maybe a little Christmas confetti.
A hole punch.
Ribbon or string for hanging.

The How To:

  • Using your star template, trace a shape onto a paper bag with a pencil.
  • Decorate both sides of the bag with recipients name (I’ve used scrapobooking letters) and if desired, a message from your child. It’s really sweet thought.
  • Choose your stitch (zigzag looks great) and carefully stitch around your star – I lift the sewing machine foot when I get to each star tip and swivel the paper to follow the next direction.
  • 20131201-215214.jpg

  • Make sure not to sew up the last few edges before putting in your treat (I added a mini candy cane and some small jelly beans).
  • 20131201-215223.jpg

  • Once the inside is filled, finish off the sewing, knot the thread together at the end and snip off any extra thread.
  • Cut around your shape (not too close to the stitching) to remove any excess paper.
  • If desired, use a hole punch to cut a hole in the tip of a star and thread through some ribbon or twine to make a loop.
  • Perfect for hanging on the Christmas Tree, they are like little Christmas piñatas… What would you put in yours? I’m thinking I’ll make an advent calendar with them next year.



    1. Totally Cute!

    2. This is a wonderful and clever idea !
      Visiting from ‘Sew Many Ways’.

    3. When you say “cotton” are you just referring to typical thread that I would use to sew a shirt? Like Coats & Clark all-purpose thread? It just looks thinner than what I see in your pictures.

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