Worldly Wednesday – How to Make Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcakes

Versions of these Reindeer Cupcakes are currently all over the net and I just HAD to have a go.  They are so cute!

A definite must for Christmas, these would be the perfect activity to do with the kids!

I have used my own tried and true cupcake recipe and tried to match the decorations as best I could with things found in my local supermarket.  I ended up with Chocolate Buttercream for the face and snout, Jaffas for the nose (we can’t not make Rudolf right?!) and Pretzels for antlers.  The eyes I was lucky to have already – leftover from Miss Z and her Whale Cake.  If you cannot find these ( I got mine at a specialist cake decorating store) you can always just pipe a tiny blob of white icing for eyes and add a black one in the centre.

Honestly, it was as easy as spreading a little buttercream on the cupcake top, piping an extra blob for the snout and adding a Jaffa.  Add two eyes just above your snout.   The top tip I give you is don’t bother trying to cut your Pretzels – it won’t work (trust me, it took me half a pack to work that out), just take a sharp knife and cut a small opening above the eyes and slide your Pretzel straight in.

Merry Christmas to All!


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