Countdown to Christmas – Teacher Gifts

With Miss E’s birthday party safely behind us, I’ve turned my thoughts to Christmas. Since this week hosts Miss E’s last dance class for the year, I decided to get moving with Teacher Gifts.

Last year my cousin shared with me a cute idea for a Teacher gift and I decided to do it this year for Miss E’s dance and kinder teachers.

Again I hit my favourite discount store (Shiploads should seriously be sponsoring me!) for craft/tackle boxes, cute stationery, stickers and the like. The rest came from my craft/scrap booking supplies.
Oh and I’m hoping to get some fun bandaids to add in too because I think they would come in handy too…
Other things that would be a really nice addition are gift cards (Smiggle or Movie vouchers for the teacher, and I’m thinking iTunes for the dance teachers to top up their music collection – the little square ones would be a perfect size), pencils, erasers, throat lozenges, mini candy canes, perhaps little packs of tissues if your containers have a big enough sections.

Both containers had a flat section on top where I used done scrapbook paper to make up a pretty name plate for the lid. I used double sided tape to secure it.

This is what Miss E and I put together… Firstly, for her Kindergarten teacher.


This one is for her two dance teachers. I used the schools’ black and pink colours for the name plate. Similar contents, with some little touchable bubble containers as well as they use them at the end of their tiny tots classes. This will be perfect for their sign in desk to hold bits and pieces they might need…

This kind of idea could be re-thought too. I’m loving the idea of a sweet tooth container… Each little compartment could be filled with different lollies. I’m hoping to share a few different kids ideas using these closer to Christmas! What would you fill them with?



  1. Such great personalised gifts! Very thoughtful of you! My kids’ teachers are getting mugs this year. I bought some nice designer English ones on sale and they will be hard to part with! Thanks for linking up at Six Little Hearts.

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