Wordly Wednesday – Creating a cheats Rainbow Cake!

Some of your might remember that I created a Rainbow Cake (it deserves capitals due to its magnificence) for Miss E’s birthday a couple of years ago. In her eyes, no cake has topped it. She still talks about the Rainbow Cake. Incessantly. Unfortunately for her, a week of cake baking did not appeal to me this year, so this year when the call came out for yet ANOTHER Rainbow Cake, I was desperately trying to think of a way around it without disappointing her. Enter the Cheats Rainbow Cake…
Ok so it’s not a layer cake, and it was yellow on the outside, but the inside is super colourful and fun…
20131119-203148.jpgTop Tip: I did a trial run with natural colour drops. The mix looked cool…
20131119-205004.jpgBut the cake was not vibrant enough for me…
20131119-205014.jpgI recommend using colour pastes (eg. Wiltons) for greater vibrancy of colour.

So if you want to try a rainbow cake, but are short on time or don’t want to do all that icing, here how the cheats version is done…

Take your favourite butter cake recipe (I used the Women’s Weekly butter cake recipe. There is a Thermomix conversion here). Make your recipe as normal. I suggest doubling your recipe as the mixing in of the colours will knock some air out of the mix. If you are making it in a thermie, the recipe doubled will fit in the thermie bowl.
Split mix evenly into bowls (I did four separate colours = four bowls – mathematical genius right there!) and add in your colours.
Gently add your coloured batter to your tin. Try not to mix the colours at this point.
Once all the batter is in, place a skewer right into the mix and gently spiral and swirl it around until your start to get pretty patterns. Don’t go overboard!
Bake! (Remember to lengthen your cooking time if you are doubling your mix)…
Decorate with your favourite icing – I used The Hummingbird Bakery buttercream 🙂

If you make one, feel free to let us know how it went and share a pic on our Facebook page!



  1. Great idea! I have no patience for any long processes – but I can do this. Thanks for making it so easy. 🙂

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