Creating a magical fairy place…

Just wanted to share something I’ve purchased for Miss E’s birthday. She loves fairies (you might remember her fairy party from last year) so I’ve been wanting to create some fairy magic for a while now.
Enter the fairy door under one of our gum trees…
They are actually made by a local Tassie person (I didn’t realise this until I placed my order, so I’m extra excited about that!). You can find them at The Magic Toybox and their prices are so reasonable. You can choose from a number of different door shapes and designs as well as extras (such as the mushrooms) and fairy furniture to go along with it too. So cute!

The pieces come with thin wire prongs which enable you to insert them into the ground to keep them secure.

I’m thinking they would make the perfect Christmas present for so many little pixie and fairy lovers out there…

FYI: this is not a sponsored or gifted post in anyway, I just stumbled across the site on a web search for fairy doors and loved them so much I had to share!


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