Pintesting – Dolly Hair Detangler

Time for another Pintest!
The Pin I’m testing this time grabbed my eye because Miss E has the same dolly with the same issue. It seems that Rapunzel really does have ‘Tangled’ hair!
Honestly her hair is a knotty mess that no amount of brushing alone would fix (I personally think a number two all over is the only option, but I think Miss E would be traumatized with that solution)…

The Pin suggests that you get a small spray bottle, add two tablespoons of fabric softener and fill with water. Shake and spray. Instant dolly detangler…
Let’s go Rapunzel!
To be honest I thought it would make it super easy. It wasn’t. Her hair is still full of knots, although slightly better. That could be due to half the hair we pulled out whilst trying to brush it…

I call this one, Pinfailed!
Will check it again in the morning when her hair is fully dry just to make sure.

Have you tried this one? Did it work for you?



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