Talkin’ bout iGeneration

baby on computer

I was at a parents info night at Miss N’s school this week, being updated on the new Australia-wide English Syllabus (something that should have been done 20yrs ago if you ask me…).  The teaching staff were explaining the changes and updates and excitedly highlighting the role technology will play in this new arena.

Now I know not everyone is a fan of technology in the classroom (i have had some hesitations myself at times) however for the most part I really believe it’s something that is not only unavoidable, but necessary for our children’s learning and development.   I am a big believer in maintaining the old-fashioned way – maths without a calculator, proper grammar, nice handwriting and all those things (and I don’t think we will ever lose the use of those), however I also believe that we need to teach our kids the media skills needed to access, use and share information in the digital age.  Think about it – by the time our kids get to University there is going to be a very large portion of work done via multimedia sources (more than currently – which is already a great deal).

During the session, the Principal mentioned most children these days being “born with an iPhone in their hands” which is totally true.  To most children under 18 i.e “Generation Z” the use of technology is intrinsic, having been exposed to it all their lives.  Apparently one of the new Kindergarten assessment items (under the new syllabus) will be knowing how to turn a computer on.  I seriously doubt any Generation Z Kinder child would fail at that! Miss Z worked out how to unlock my iPhone when she was 8mnths old!   Children are sponges and adapting to digital media and technology is just another thing to learn.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this You Tube Clip of a 2.5yr old experiencing an iPad for the first time!!

I think if we ensure our kids have a good life balance, allowing them to experience the best of digital, social & environmental climates, that we can allow them to learn and grow into multitasking, super savvy individuals.


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