Best of Bento – More Lunchspiration!

I’m sharing today a few Bento lunches I have made recently for Miss N.  I’m nowhere near as creative as Mel when it comes to these things, and seem to put together bite sized bits & pieces rather than try & make a picture.  Miss N loves it either way (as do her school friends and her teacher!).

On Sunday I spent a short amount of time making lots of bento lunch addittions and put together a lunch box for 3 days of the week – I’m loving the fact I have just saved myself 30 mins this week already!

Bento Bear

This beary cute bento lunch included Fried Rice Cakes (with a fishy of soy), some chocolate bears and caramel corn, Korean BBW chicken mini drums and rice crackers.

We heart bentoThis cute lunch includes some jelly, Mini mushroom bikkies, Blueberries, A jelly sweet and a Bite Sized Banh Mi (Vietnamese Pork Roll).

super salad bento

This healthy bento includes Tortellini Salad, Ham skewers, cheese and crackers, fruits and a few treats of mini fairy bread hearts and Daiso’s caramel corn (fast becoming a favourite here!!)

What sorts of things do your kids like for lunch?



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