Meal plan Monday – monthly plan (with a bonus week!)

It wasn’t until I was halfway through last weeks post that I realised I had actually done a five week plan, not just a month. Go me! I’d been trying to fit it around my work roster which hasn’t started yet, so added an extra week to make it current.
I’m currently at the beginning of week two of this plan, I’ve already swapped a couple of days around. I ended up having the lamb/beef stew with dumplings last Monday. It was delicious!

20131021-074734.jpgWeek One Meals

  • Lamb & Tomato curry from Gary Mehigan’s Comfort Food cookbook. Teamed with Tenina’s Thermomix Naan Bread.
  • Chicken pot pies – my own recipe, I’ll write it up and post it soon….
  • Sneaky Macaroni Cheese from Louise Fulton Keats Cooking for your Baby & Toddler. A great book which is available in a Thermomix and regular cooking version.
  • I’m out for the evening which means the family can have fishy things! Crunchy fish fingers from the above book, served with salad.
  • Miss E’s school fair, so it’ll be fair fare for the family.
  • A1 cooks on the weekend, I normally don’t plan for him, but since we were out last night, we’ll be having steak (cooked sous-vide style in the thermomix and quickly finished off on a grill pan), served with chunky chips and some veg.
  • 20131013-212752.jpgWeek Two Meals

  • Danni’s Grilled Chicken & Quinoa Salad. I’m making Maggie Beer’s baked olives (from the Lantern Cookery Classics Maggie Beer cookbook) to have with it – can’t wait to try them!
  • Tuscan beef stew with black pepper & potatoes. Another from Gary’s Comfort Food.
  • My Creamy Comfort Food Tuna Pasta Bake.
  • Shredded Beef Taco Salad – from the Thermomix Meat on the Menu cookbook.
  • Baked beans on toast.
  • 20131013-212759.jpgWeek Three Meals

  • Lamb Stew With Dumplings – Gary Mehigan’s Comfort Food. Swapped out with beef because we have way more beef than lamb in our freezer…
  • Slow Cooker Beef Goulash – the second bag from last months freezer meal bulk cook.
  • Slow Cooker Chicken laksa – another second bag from my last bulk cook up.
  • Beef & Zucchini Meatballs – from Cooking for Your Baby & Toddler.
  • Lamb & Veg soup with toast. Leftover and frozen from a dinner last month.
  • 20131013-212807.jpgWeek Four Meals

  • Quirky Cooking’s Chicken & Cashews with Coconut Satay Sauce and Coconut Rice(Thermomix recipe).
  • Lasagne – in freezer, I made a double batch last time.
  • Chicken Taco Soup – made up in my last batch cook.
  • Super Sausage rolls with salad.
  • Quesadillas – I had planned to make our usual Bean, Corn & Spinach ones but after Danni’s post last week I’m going to try her Red Bean Quesadillas because they look amazing!
  • 20131013-212813.jpgBonus Week Five Meals

  • Chili con carne – another one from Cooking for your baby & toddler.
  • Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes – using leftover chili from last night.
  • Salmon cakes – would you believe, another recipe from the Baby & Toddler Cookbook!?! I made extra last batch and froze them.
  • Home made pizza. For a great base, use the two ingredient scroll recipe I posted recently.
  • Possibly heading to another school fair tonight, but if not, it’s Crunchy Fish Fingers again…

  • I only plan weeknights which works well for us, but because we buy our meat in 10kg lots, there is always something in the freezer that we can pull out for the weekend…
    Do you menu plan? If so do you plan out all your meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner)?


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