Rock Star Party!

Our Little Rock Star is now 7!

Here is a quick picture wrap up of the party.  Sadly I didn’t have anywhere enough time to get everything done that I wanted.  The children however, didn’t seem to mind and had a great old time dancing, trampolining, and adorning themselves with LOADS of body art!  I started with another fantastic, personalised printable party kit from Briezees Boutique on ETSY.   Honestly – these things are SO awesome.  I’m a total fan!

Activity Table

The Activity table was a great idea, staffed by our awesome KK.    We had a “make your own Rock Star Singlet” section which was good fun for guests on arrival.  I bought cheap singlets from Kmart (3 for $6) and a pack of fabric textas for $8.

Beauty Bar and tattoos

Coloured Hair Spray

……and a Beauty Bar where everyone could get done up with Rock Tattoos, Nail Polish, Body Jewels and Coloured Hair Spray!  Some people wanted tattoo’s in very strange places!!! LOL.

Drapes and Decorations

My Decorations didn’t work out exactly as I had planned, but thanks to Himself’s ingenuity and a stack of heavy grade double sided tape – it ended up looking not to shabby!  I used two plastic party tablecloths, each cut in half down the middle as the drapes and the leftover paper puffs from Miss Z’s Whale Party added the extra colour and effect.

Danni & Himself Photo Booth

We also had a Photo Booth set up with some Rock Star props, Inflatable Guitar & Microphone, Feather Boa and glasses Elton John would love:)  Most of the kids were a bit too shy to want to have a go at that….sadly we can’t say the same for the Adults!!!

The Cake was very simple.  When I asked Miss N what she wanted, she said  “A heart with wings to match my invitations – and words that say YOU ROCK on it”.  I ended with with a simple butter cake, colours matching her invites and then made cupcakes with coordinating icing colours.   Nowhere near my usual massive cake creations, however the birthday girl said “It Rocked!”….. So Snaps For Me!!

Rock Star Cake

We sent everyone home with a groovy Rock Star themed party bag, just simple brown paper bags with one of the topper images from the printable Party Pack.  Each contained:

  • A CD Mix of 9 favourite songs of the moment – “Miss N’s Party Mix!”
  • A bag of Pop Rocks
  • Several Lollypops
  • Some Candy Twists
  • A mini book of coloured post it notes
  • A mini Makeup item (nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow or lipgloss)  – for the girls
  • A Rock Star Snap Band and tattoos – for the boys

Party Bags

Miss Z (who had slept through most of the party) was delighted when everyone left and she had the trampoline to herself.  The destruction of the father boa that had happened earlier just made it all the more fun!!!

Miss Z on trampoline

KK and Himself were my heroes on the day.  KK – who manned the beauty bar and put up with a hoard of 7yr olds all wanting themselves beautified NOW! and Himself, who had the most fantastic idea for a quick clean up of the feathery destruction in the backyard…..

Vacum the trampoline

(and yes, i’m still picking up the odd hot pink feather every time I go outside!!)




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