Worldly Wednesday – Bite Size Banh Mi (Vietnamese Pork Roll)

Banh Mi Vietnamese Pork Rolls

I am obsessed with Banh Mi. OBSESSED.  They are amongst the yummiest, freshest and most heavenly things you will ever set your taste buds on.

Several of my co-workers and I have one for lunch every friday. The rest of the office goes to the pub and we have a pork roll.   There are so many shops that sells these rolls nowadays.  It seems every Vietnamese bread shop has a little station set up and they seem to do a roaring trade.  I have tasted tested out my local area and can tell you where the best ones are (and contrary to popular opinion,  you don’t always have go to Cabramatta).

Always on the lookout for new, easy & cheap meals, I decided to make my own mini versions of the Banh Mi for a family dinner (why Mini? Just cause!).  Now my rolls may not be altogether traditional, however that’s OK.  They still rock:)

Bite Size Banh Mi

Feeds 4-6


  • Fresh baby rolls x 12
  • Vietnamese Cha Lua (Also known as Vietnamese Devon)
  • Vietnamese Thit Nguoi (Vietnamese Ham)
  • Pork Belly (skin removed – fat left on)
  • Fresh super thin strips of carrot
  • Fresh super thin strips of Red Onion
  • Vietnamese Pork Pate (or French Pork Pate)
  • Fried Onions
  • Thin strips of cucumber
  • Fresh Corriander (stalks and all)
  • Red Chilli’s (chopped) or Chilli Paste
  • Maggi Seasoning
  • Kewpie Mayonnaise


  • Preheat your oven to 250Deg C;
  • Rub a coronary-inucing amount of salt & some pepper on both sides of your pork and transfer it to a wire trivet inside a large baking dish;
  • Bake at 250DegC for approx. 1 hour and then reduce the heat to 150DegC and cook for another hour.  Keep an eye on your pork – if its getting overcooked – take it out!.  Cover with foil and rest for approx. 30-40mins.  Once cooled, slice into small batons and set aside;
  • Split your dinner rolls through the middle at the top and and swipe a thin layer of pate on one side and a layer of mayo on the other;
  • Next, take a thin slice of the devon and the ham and place on top of your pate;
  • Top with your vegetables, herbs, chilli and pork belly;
  • Squeeze a small amount of the seasonsing on top and sprinkle with your dried spring onions

Top Tips

  • You should be able to find your Vietnamese meats & Fried Onions at a good asian grocer.  Speak to them and get them to help you!
  • Be sure to buy fresh and crunchy dinner rolls (maybe from a Vietnamese Bakery?!).  Soft rolls are just not the same!


  1. Have a craving for one now, can’t wait till Friday lunch. Yummy!!!!

  2. I worship at the Banh Mi shrine too. Love them. want one now 🙂


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