Travelling tins – keeping the kids entertained!

A1 was the first one of us to discover Daiso. When he came across it opposite the hotel he was staying at for work he called me and told me about it – knowing it was just my kind of store!
I promptly sent him looking for all manner of things in there (and then told Danni about them!)
My favourite things that he came back with though, were these cute little tin cases/lunchboxes that he picked out himself. One each for Miss E & Master O. I’ve seen similar things at other stores, but you’d probably be lucky to get them cheaper than $2.80!

If you have something similar, they would be great for travelling activities, I only wish I’d thought to put these together BEFORE we went away!

  • Magnet tins
  • Perfect for making stories with cute magnets. Plus they don’t spill over the car/plane/bus when opened as they stick to the tin!

  • Story tin
  • Perfect for little ones, they can store their mini books in there and have something too look through on a long drive. I fit four little books, you’d even have room for a special little toy on the side too!

  • Go-fast tin
  • Master O’s favourite tin! He’s been packing and re-packing this one since he stole it off me during the photo taking process! This tin can be noisy, but what kid doesn’t like taking their cars on a road trip? The lid makes a perfect mini racing track!

  • Mini-play tin
  • These tins are perfect for storing little collections. In this case, perfect for Miss E’s mini My Little Ponies. She can make up games and play with them on the go…
    What other things would you use these for?




    1. Great idea! We’re getting ready for a 4000km driving holiday, so this is perfect!

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