Worldly Wednesday – Baileys Double Choc Thick shakes

Baileys Double Choc Thickshakespsd

When I was a little girl, my Dad had this thing about getting a chocolate milkshake wherever we went and rating it out of ten.  It turned into sort of a family joke and I must say, rare as it is for me to have milkshakes these days, I ALWAYS get chocolate and ALWAYS say something like “mmm….that’d be a 6….but still not quite as good as the Oak Factory!!”

With Mel and family up last week, something was said about Baileys and thick shakes, and then A1 came home from the shops with a bottle…..and so we went for it.  I must say, for something that only has a few ingredients, its SOOOOO good!. Definitely an adults-only treat:)

Baileys Double Choc Thick Shakes

Serves 2


4 shots Baileys Irish Cream

2 shots milk

6 large tablespoons double-choc ice cream


Place all ingredients in a blender or shaker bottle and pulse/shake until thick

That’s it! – Serve immediately!

Perfect for a dinner party or an after-dinner summer treat, these shakes go gown really easily!  Just don’t forget they are spiked!



  1. That’s happiness in a glass, right there.

  2. My kind of milkshake!!

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