Time together…

Our trip away together was a breath of fresh air! We’ve had some great time to just be together as a family. With A1 working days, and myself nights, and the usual weekend commitments, this rarely happens. So we enjoyed time spent together, with family and with friends.

Some of my favourite things about the trip…

Master O growing up so much in a short time. So few tantrums and the ones he did have were brought on by tiredness…

Awesome buildings and the character that Sydney has. I miss that about it. I actually miss those massive band posters. We don’t get those in Tassie.

Speaking of Sydney, I love the random things that you come across. We think they were shooting a promotional video for an upcoming production of South Pacific at the Opera House. If we’d been ten minutes early I think we could have been extras!

My new shoes! They are actually crocs (but don’t tell anyone!!) they are super comfy and half price – I love a bargain…

Miss E (at almost 5) and Master O (at 2.5) starting to become fast friends. Sharing their possessions better and sharing little jokes with each other. My heart expands just a little bit more every time it happens.

I LOVED the fact that the best place in Yamba for Internet reception was on the beach. The BEACH!! We would have one or two bars where we were staying (three if walked outside, across the road and leant on the car in a certain position). It meant I could send a few emails whilst here:

A couple of firsts. First time on a train for Master O. First time following a map for Miss E!
And first time in a carwash for the kids. A1 must seriously be the only person on this planet that gets a rental car washed… Um, it’s a rental?? Meanwhile my car is currently waiting for the ubiquitous ‘Wash Me’ to be finger painted in dust on the rear window…

And lastly, this… The Honey, You Baked! kids (and parents) getting to catch up and play together again. This is Pebbles and BamBam (aka Master O and Miss Z). Aren’t they just delicious!!

Thanks to Danni and Himself for having us either side of our Yamba break. We planned some exciting things for Honey, You Baked! over too much cheese and wine and can’t wait to start rolling out some things and some exciting challenges for us too! Stay tuned!

So now its back to regular programming. My own bed. Cat, garden, house. The usual stresses that come with everything. And no more night shifts at work. So I need to find a new job that works around the kids and A1’s work and/or hopefully get a few day shifts at work. Not ideal but better than nothing. Cross fingers for me people!



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