Five tips for easy lunchboxes

1) Cut the crusts… If your kids don’t like crusts, use cookie cutters to make fun shapes and remove the crusts at the same time. You can also flatten your bread and roll it up like a sushi roll. Fun food is more likely to be eaten and they’ll probably end up eating more bread than if they were trying to avoid the crust.
2) Make fruit easy to eat. Even I am more likely to eat an apple if it is cut into pieces, core removed, or my orange cut into wedges. I try and cut up watermelon and rockmelon when I get it home from the shops. I’m more likely to include it and eat it if its ready to go.
3) Choose a theme. It’s easier to make a creative lunchbox if you have a theme to follow. Favourite stories (like this Meg & Mog inspired lunch), colours (see the yellow one below) etc. The other week Miss E requested a butterfly lunchbox so I made the above one one…
4) Accessorize. You can use things you might already have, cupcake cases – silicon or paper are great for separating items in lunch boxes. Skewers or plastic straws are great for making fruit kebabs and now there are heaps of suppliers of funky bento products such as picks, dividers, containers etc to liven up a lunch.
5) Pack small amounts of a number of different items. I have a number of fallback items that I tend to include as little snacks. Organic corn chips, puffed corn (and other cereals such as cheerios, nutragrain), dried fruit, popcorn, rice crackers.

What’s your tip for a lunchbox that will come home empty?

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