Perfect Pizza Everytime!

Pizza Pic FINAL

My family loves pizza.  One of these days when get a big enough place we plan to build a proper wood fired oven in the backyard, big enough for Pizzas and Roasts and lots of other goodies to share with family & friends.  In the meantime though, our BBQ or Oven does the trick and we are getting quite good at whipping up tasty home made pizzas which are much healthier and much cheaper than visiting our local all the time.

Last week we had a Pizza Night and as I usually do I made a stack of extra bases I was planning to freeze.  I went one step further though this time and made them up with toppings, flash froze them on an oven tray for about an hour and then packed each seperately in a vac seal bag to keep.  Now we have a stack of pizzas ready to go for those days when you just don’t want to cook.     That’s Amore!


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