Pintesting – Dried textas into watercolours

I’ve been doing some ‘Pintesting’ of late, thanks to the Pinterest Challenge I set myself last month.

One pin I’ve had sitting on my board for ages is using dried up textas/marker pens to make water colours. I was skeptical. But, by (prince) george, it works!

No matter how much I try, my kids continually leave the lids off their textas. It drives me INSANE! So now I have a fabulous way to recycle those sad dried up colours…

The How to

  • Grab all your dried up markers and group them into similar colours.
  • Fill a glass jar or other container with a small amount of water and pop your textas (tips down, obviously) into the water.
  • 20130901-205721.jpg

  • Leave for at least 24 hours for the colour to mix into the water.
  • Paint away!
  • 20130901-205814.jpg
    I’ve had ours on the kitchen window ledge for well over a week, I make sure the water doesn’t dry up and they’re still going strong, in fact the colour gets stronger the longer it is left.

    ✔ Pintested – Success!

    What’s your favourite Pinterest success? Or your biggest fail? Is there a popular pin that I should just totally avoid?



    1. shelleyjmarsh says:

      Love it! I have a gazillion textas without lids! I will be doing this from now on!

      • It is simple genius! Ours are still sitting on the windowsill and still providing colour. It’s a cold day here today, snow on the mountain, so we’ll be using them again today and staying warm inside I think!

    2. shelleyjmarsh says:

      p.s I hope you don’t mind but I would like to share this post with my readers. Thanks Shelley

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