Rock Star Party – How to host a cheap children’s party

Rockstar Party - How to host a kids party cheaply

Miss N will be 7 soon (far out – where did THAT time go??) and has requested a Rock star themed party.

She is all into Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Train and Maroon 5 at the moment and loves to spend time at Karaoke and Sing Star, so I thought this was a perfect choice. (It also means we are leaving the world of Princesses behind, and I am sooooo glad about that!!).

She has not had  a birthday party since she’s been at school, so this year we are only having a small party with some school friends and keeping it short & sweet (our children’s parties normally end up being adult parties as we never get to see our friends otherwise!).

I’m trying to give her a fantastic party whilst spending as less money as possible.  I’ve created a little Party Budget Spreadsheet and am looking at it the same way I would if I was hosting a big event at work.

Here is a  few top tips to keep in mind when organising your child’s Bday:

  • Decide on a budget and stick to it;
  • List out everything you will need, and then try & cut costs/downsize on non-essentials whilst keeping the most money available for the big ticket items and those that will give you more bang for your buck;
  • Do as much as you can yourself, whilst outsourcing the fussy things or stuff you know you are not good at;
  • Remember not to try & outdo other mums.  Your kids will love whatever you do!
  • Let your child pick the theme and assist in decision making

We are having 12 party guests, and as you can see, I’ve managed to keep the whole party under $145.00.  That’s $12.09/head. Not bad at all I think!!  It’s comparable in price to a boring McDonalds party and lot more fun (and healthier!) too.

Watch this space for all the pictures and party deets to come!!

D x


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