Getting organised

I don’t think I could bang on enough about how different this past week had been for me with having my menu plan and freezer meals ready to go. I feel like a different person. Truly.

And that’s not counting the previous week where I was sick as a dog and feeling sorry for myself. I really just wanted to laze around and feel sorry for myself, and a greater portion of time than usual, I did. But usually that would end up with no dinner and A1 and the kids getting nuggets for dinner on the way home. Not ideal. This time they at least had dinner ready to go and it was much healthier than take away. Go me!

At this point Danni will already be saying – “Mel, I’ve been telling you this for ages, being organized will change your life”, but wow! It seriously has!
Ok so it’s only a week you say, two weeks if you count Sick Week (it deserved capitals – pretty sure I had man flu). And yes, I will most likely fall off the wagon. We do what we can…

On Monday, I got up earlier than usual because I knew the house was tidy and dinner was organised. I just felt more ready to face the day! I made choc muesli bars, yoghurt and pikelets for the kids. Then we took Mum up to the country for a family day with my extended family. Came home and made chili con carme in thermie.
The next day I did jacket potatoes in the slow cooker and A1 and the kids had them with the left over chili while I went to work. (That’s a tip from Mrs Smyth gets a Life – menu plan utilising expected leftovers from the previous night -clever!)…

The week continued on like this. I was more relaxed, I had time to spend playing and being a fun Mum!
On Wednesday, Master O and I had a play date with friends at one of our favourite parks. Followed up by checking out a new park before picking up Miss E from school.

Master O had a blast. He played in mud.20130901-211348.jpg
He picked flowers.20130901-211430.jpg
And absolutely cracked up on the big slide…Bring on this week for more fun!!20130901-211521.jpg


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