Book Week Lunchbox – Meg’s Veg

Book Week crept up on my this year! So yes I recycled last years costume and Miss E went as Meg from Meg and Mog again. She’s been reading the Meg and Mog books a lot more recently anyway, so it made sense.
So I got all excited about it and decided to make her a lunchbox from her book week parade day based on the Meg’s Veg book…

It of course had to have some sort of cauldron inspired item…
A magically created jungle of large flowers with a little dinosaur…
And lots of carrots and peas…
So I thought about it, and came up with this…
From top left:

  • Mini carrot sticks and peas (that I also think looks a little bit like a flower).
  • Meg’s magic jelly cauldron – natural colours & flavours lime jelly with edible silver star sprinkles.
  • Meg & Mog’s jungle – snow peas cut to look like long grass; spinach leaves; honey flower sandwiches with sprinkles and butterflies, beans for stalks; a natural confectionary company dinosaur; and edible sugar flowers.
  • She was pretty excited about this one, and I think it’s my favourite bento lunch that I’ve done so far…

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    This post is linked up with the Digital Parents Blog Carnival – September 2013 edition.

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    1. Wow that look so good! My miss two would love something like this, I must give it ago. Great use with the bean btw. Visiting from DP blog Carnival. Nic @ Mums Take Five

    2. That is beautiful – I love it! Just discovered your blog via the blog carnival. I’m looking forward to checking out more posts.

      • Thanks Carolyn! I’m also looking forward to making some new discoveries via the blog carnival! Having to wait until tonight when the kids are tucked up in bed, I’m so looking forward to reading them all πŸ™‚ thanks for stopping by and commenting! ~Mel~

    3. Ooh I love it!! Meg and Mog was a childhood favourite of mine. Glad it is still popular πŸ™‚
      Popping over from DP carnival

      • Thanks Carly πŸ™‚ it was one of my absolutely favourite book series as a young child, so I was pretty excited to rediscover the book series again. Possibly overexcited – hence the crazy lunchbox!
        Thanks so much for popping by, I often read your blog and I love your writing πŸ™‚

    4. My goodness, you’re so artistic! I fear my Pumpkin will not get such gorgeous lunches when she is old enough for them, but you are certainly very inspiring! Saying hi from Digital Carnival πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Emily, this one was slightly more elaborate than normal, but it still only took 10 minutes to make, and by making it interesting she is more inclined to eat it all. Plus, making an interesting lunchbox is way more fun for me than doing the same thing every day – win win! (In saying that she does get canteen once a week!)
        Thanks so much for visiting πŸ™‚
        If you want any lunch ideas, here is the link to our bento posts:

    5. jeanieinparadise says:

      How wonderfully creative. We made mandarin jelly from scratch recently – lots of fun!

    6. shelleyjmarsh says:

      WOW – that takes talent and imagination!!! My daughter loves Meg and Mog (actually so do I), maybe when she is a bit older I will give it a go! Popping in from the DP blog carnival

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