Worldly Wednesday – Stegt Flaesk: Danish Pork and Parsley Sauce

Danish Pork and Parsley Sauce Honey you Baked

Since having our lovely KK here from Denmark these past months, we have been trying out some different Danish food.  She calls it “Grandma Food”. Think warm, rustic, comfort food and that’s a Danish meal in the bag.

One current theme I’ve noticed about the Danish food culture is Pork and Potatoes.  Especially Potatoes.  Honestly –  I’ve been doing some research and I don’t think I’ve found a recipe yet that doesn’t include them!

Today I’m sharing a great recipe for Stegt Flaesk (Pork with Parsley Sauce).  There are many different versions of this recipe around, using several cuts of meat although from making this a few times now I think the best thing to use is Pork Belly, basically the streaky part of the bacon with the eye removed.  You may also use Speck.  The trick is to slice it thinly enough so the fat crisps up and get crunchy.   Served with boiled potato (a Danes’ best friend) and a wonderfully simple Parsley Sauce, this is a lovely comforting meal that’s definitely worth making.

Stegt Flaesk  – Danish Pork and Parsley Sauce

Serves 4


  •  Speck/Pork Belly etc – sliced into ½ cm slices
  • 12 x new (baby) potatoes ( or if you can’t get those, just use 6 Large potatoes, peeled and chopped)
  • 50g butter
  • ½ cup flour
  • 500ml milk (approx)
  • 1 x large handful fresh parsley – chopped
  • S & P to taste


Turn your oven right up to 250 Deg C:

Put your potatoes on to boil in lots of salted water;

Place your slices of pork on an oven rack, making sure they don’t touch each other. (You can also use a frypan, however I have found the oven is easier and not so messy);

Make sure the pork is dried off and sprinkle each one really well with salt.  This will help the water evaporate and the pork get nice and crispy. Remember to put a tray underneath your pork to catch the drips.  You don’t want to be scrubbing your oven tomorrow!  (I mean it by the way – lots of salt…it looks bad but honestly, it must be done!  Remember you are not going to eat this every day);

Cook your Pork for about 15-20 mins or so until they are nice and crispy.  Keep your eyes on them as you don’t want to burn them.  Then flip them over and give them another 10-15 mins on the other side;

While your Pork is cooking, make a roux in a saucepan using the butter and flour.  Grab a whisk and the milk and add bits at a time, whisking well so your sauce stays free of lumps and doesn’t catch on the bottom of your pan.  Once it’s done, Turn it right down to low or set it aside in a warm place, season to taste and add your parsley;

Serve up a few slices with some potatoes and a generous helping of sauce and enjoy.


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