Road Test Tuesday – Fun for kids with Coles Create & Bake

We were pretty excited to receive a package of goodies* from the Coles ‘Create and Bake’ baking range on the last day of the recent school holidays!

Miss E (and more recently, Master O) love to get in the kitchen and help me bake or cook, but I will say that if I know they are going to be ‘helping’, I try to have every ingredient measured and laid out before they drag their chairs over. Otherwise, stuff ends up everywhere… Whole eggs (shell and all) added to batters, flour in the light shades (yes REALLY, clear glass lamps hanging over the kitchen island was a bad choice), milk over the benches. It’s an exercise in damage control really. I think it’s genetic – I’m a messy cook too!

To that end, the Coles range of baking products make this so much easier. I think packet mixes are great for baking with excitable kids! Just open the packet and pour in your main ingredients ready sifted and weighed. I can feel my blood pressure dropping ready!
Their range all works nicely together with mixes, frostings, toppings and little extras like fruit sachets. This means you can get creative, easily.

Miss E and I decided to create some sparkly cookies!

Fairies Favourite Sparkle Cookies
You’ll Need:
One pack of Coles Cookie Mix
80gm Butter
1 egg
Hundreds and Thousands
Any other toppings your might like. We also tried some of their butterfly sprinkles and cupcake topper flowers for decorations. The butterflies baked well, the flowers not so much.

(Our containers got more than a little squished during postage)
The How To:
Pour your cookie mix into mixing bowl.

  • Add butter and egg.
  • 20130811-222546.jpg

  • Mix… Miss E is doing her best Big Red (KitchenAid) impression. Look how fast her hand is moving its a blur!!
  • 20130811-222605.jpg

  • Roll out onto a lightly flour benchtop. Get your fairy on and sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle those (natural colours) hundreds and thousands!
  • 20130811-222618.jpg

  • Cut out some shapes over the sprinkles.
  • 20130811-222632.jpg

  • Eventually the sprinkles will get incorporated into the dough too as you re-roll it out.
  • 20130811-222650.jpg

  • Place onto prepared baking trays.
  • 20130811-222659.jpg

  • See the biscuit on a baking stick – that was a winner. (Sadly stolen off the cooling rack before I could photograph).
  • 20130811-222708.jpg

  • Bake until golden as per packet directions…
  • 20130811-222726.jpg
    The yummy – and quite pretty – results!!

    Perfect for a fairy party – I’m thinking the flower shapes on sticks in little jars or mini flowerpots on the party table. With different sprinkles and cutters you could customize for any another theme.

    * This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive payment for this post. However, Miss E and I did receive a package of lots of fun Coles Create & Bake products to road-test – all opinions expressed are my own.


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