Fun and crafty – origami chatterbox/fortune teller

Who remembers chatterboxes (or fortune tellers) from school play times? We used to make them and write dodgy fortunes like “You will marry a prince” or “You will grow warts on your nose”… Oh yes, we were ever-so accurate!

Miss E is still a bit young to get the fortune bit, so I thought I would make one with some activities in it instead…

I’ve used an A4 sheet of paper here, but a few days ago I did one with a square sheet of scrapbook paper – it makes a more adult hand sized chatterbox.

You’ll Need:
A sheet of A4 paper
4 different coloured pencils/crayons/textas (or you could use stickers)
A pen or marker pen

  • Step 1: Take an A4 sheet of paper and fold the bottom left corner across to the right hand side of the sheet to make a triangle shape.
  • 20130811-212408.jpg

  • Step 2: Cut off the remaining rectangle so you are left with a square shape.
  • 20130811-210436.jpg

  • Step 3: Fold each corner of the square into the centre.
  • 20130811-210443.jpg

  • Step 4: Flip the square over and again, fold each corner into the centre.
  • 20130811-210451.jpg

  • It should look like this…
  • 20130811-210500.jpg

  • Step 5: Number each triangle from 1-8.
  • 20130811-212355.jpg

  • Step 6: Open out the triangles and write a fortune/activity on each one. Fold the flaps back to the centre again.
  • 20130811-212430.jpg

  • Step 7: Cut down the centre of each triangle so you can open each flap separately.
  • 20130811-212513.jpg

  • Step 8: Flip the square over and colour each individual square.
  • 20130811-212441.jpg

  • Step 9: Fold in half both ways to create creases in the centre.
  • 20130811-212452.jpg

  • Step 10: Put your thumb and forefingers into the pocket corners…
  • 20130811-212504.jpg

  • Step 11: Start ‘chattering’… Choose a colour – eg. blue, flip back and forwards 4 times for the number of letters and choose a number. Choose a number, lift your flap, do your activity or read your fortune!
  • 20130811-212538.jpg

  • Have fun!
  • 20130811-212228.jpg




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