Jolly good yellow!

I’ve shown my love of the colour orange before. Miss E loves yellow. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite yellow finds of late…

Our first port of call when moving into our brand spanking new house a couple of years ago was to A1’s place of zen – Bunnings. We needed to find the perfect mailbox. We didn’t. They were all ridiculously expensive or hideous. We bought a boring one that was at least not highway robbery.
I’d actually be prepared to pay $340 for this yellow birdie letterbox, if I could only convince A1 we need it. It’s original. And oh so cute!

Koo koo letterbox: $340 from Zuster

Miss E spied this yellow bunny candle and wants one for her room… I’d be scared she’d work out how to light it though!

Down to the woods yellow rabbit candle: $11.95 from Little Paper Lane
Her love of yellow has lead me to start planning a yellow-themed party for her birthday this year. I love these kidded mason jars for party drinks – but we’ll stick with plastic for the 5 year olds I think!

Quilted ball Mason Drinking jar: $11.95 from Down that Little Lane
I’m yet to find a yellow party dress for her (send me links if you see one PLEASE!) but I do love these shorts for Master O…

Neon Lights Shorts in yellow: currently on sale for $18.00 at Rock Your Baby
For a special someone (sadly not me as my earpiercings have grown over), how about a gorgeous pair of citrine earrings from my beautiful friend Arita over at Daisy & Mister. I love this stone!

Citrine & Sterling Silver Stud Earrings: $48.00 from Daisy & Mister on madeit.

What is your favorite colour? Is there something that you would love to get your hot little hands on in a special colour?

All prices are subject to change and are correct as at 2/8/2013…


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