Worldly Wednesday – simple scrolls and the best dip ever!

Simple, moist, yummy and best of all TWO ingredients to make the easiest scroll base ever! I’ve been making scrolls like a woman possessed since so came across this recipe. Incidentally, I’ve also made my first ever batch if yoghurt FROM SCRATCH(!!) to use in them too. Win!

I made the scroll bases in my thermomix, takes all of two minutes combining the SR flour and yoghurt. I’ve made a few combos now, cheesymite, cheese & bacon, chocolate and herb and garlic.

You’ll find the Thermomix base recipe & method over at Thermolicious and the original non-thermie recipe is at Kidspot.

The herb and garlic ones I made using my favourite ever dip recipe, its the Herb & Garlic dip from the EDC cookbook. I’m addicted to it and without fail, every grocery shop includes a block of Philly so I have it on hand. I’ve also got many friends addicted who don’t have thermies. Rest easy friends – I’ve tried it without thermie and its still easy peasy. So for you…

Herb & Garlic Dip
You’ll Need
1 block of Light Philadelphia cream cheese cut into large chunks.
2 spring onions – small ones, chopped into pieces.
1 small clove of garlic, peeled.
1 small bunch of parsley, roughly chopped.
The How To

  • Pop your spring onion, garlic and parsley into your stick blender if food processor and whiz until finely chopped.
  • 20130731-002632.jpg

  • Add your Philly and whiz until all combined.
  • 20130731-002711.jpg
    Now for extra yum, use it as a filling for your scrolls. They’ll be super moist with a hint of herb and garlic.


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