Birthday parties and a fab wrapping tip!

Miss E has been the birthday party queen of late. I’ve been used to her attending maybe one of two parties during the year with a run of a few around the end of year when it comes up to birthdays of our Mother’s Group kiddies.
I didn’t quite realise just how constant they would be once she started kinder. We’ve had 6 parties to go to so far this year (a couple non-kinder), but the one quite out of the blue was last week.

I’d picked up Miss E from class and was in the school grounds while she played, looking through her bag checking for notes, pictures, seeing how much of her lunch she’d not eaten etc. I spied an invite from a child whose name I didn’t recognise. I knew she wasn’t in either of the kinder classes, so ducked up to the kinder teacher to investigate…
Turns out Miss E was the only one from her class invited and the little girl was in Prep. She pointed out her Mum, who headed over. Her little girl without fail ALWAYS says hi to Ella and I’d wondered who she was. Turns out her Mum and I knew each other. She was the year above me at school (ahhh Hobart, gotta love a small city!!)
They also live in the same suburb as us, which is pretty awesome as we are out of area and around a 25 minute drive away from school. It will be lovely to have a local playmate!

I didn’t get to drop Miss E off to the party (her first party where we didn’t stay, she’s such a confident kid though, we knew she’d be fine). A1 reported that she was mobbed by all the prep kiddies there, so no problems about her being left out!

It sounded awesome. It was a pajama party (they didn’t stay over but dressed up in their favourite PJ’s), watched The Lorax, ate ice-cream sundaes and made tents in the living room. And came home with a little torch as well. What an fabulous idea for a party theme!

Speaking of party fabulous – I used this awesome Martha Stewart tip – creating a pocket for the birthday card in the actual gift wrapping. It’s my favourite new way of wrapping!
Pretty cute huh? No more lost cards!


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