I Did It, I’m a Freak….I Joined A Gym!


Following on from post awhile back about wanting to spend more time on myself, I have finally given in and joined a gym.  Not just any gym either – one of those fancy schmancy ones with pools and steam rooms and health food shops and masseuses and strange equipment on the gym floor that’s so alien to me I don’t even know what it does.    This whole adding the exercise into my week thing is going to mean a lot more organisation in my already regimented life, however – its necessary!  When I was a child I always wondered why my mum didn’t do more things for herself, however now I’m a mum too and I realise (stop laughing mum!) that something weird happens to you when you have a child and despite all good intentions, you end up spending your whole life doing things for them, hubby, work etc and any time left over for you is minuscule.  Any other mother would probably rather spend that time sleeping – except for me, who’s mental and decided to join a gym instead:).

I DO need to spend a lot more time exercising, that i know!  However I’m not the type who just “goes for a run” or who does exercise video’s in their lounge room.  I need to be inspired and excited about what I’m doing.  I spent many of my early years in dance classes, which I love, however I can’t keep up with the 14 yr olds anymore and that makes any Hip Hop or Jazz classes just embarrassing:).  Hence deciding on the gym, as their range of classes is huge and they have loads of stuff that looks like things I would enjoy.  Himself is a bit hesitant – I’m sure he thinks we will be paying for nothing (thinking I won’t go) so I need to prove him wrong, myself right and start getting off my butt a bit more and feel the burn.  (Especially since I saw these fabulous Karla Colleto swimmers and I feel I need to have them.  Maybe I will actually even wear them in public this summer)!.

Karla Colleto Swimmers 2014





  1. I love the gym. I love it so much I get there before 6am in the winter, in Canberra. It makes me feel so good. I look forward to hearing how much you love it too.

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