Confessions of a housewife…

I have a confession, in fact I’ve probably said it before: I can never keep up with the dirty washing. My laundry is FULL of clothes waiting to be washed. In addition, meet our lost sock bag. It’s huge!


That photo was taken after a massive sorting session, where a third of the bag was matched up. These are the remaining lonely soles souls!

Our washing machine pretty well carked it a couple of weeks back and I was left with a big pile of washing to catch up on. This was in addition to the already full basket that I can never get on top of. The laundry is my absolute Achilles heel…

Lost socks are the worse. We have SO many!

When I see those pictures on Pinterest of those cute little lost sock boards, I have a little giggle as I’d have to line the entire hallway with pegs – Chinese laundry style – to hang up our collection…

Can anyone else claim to beat our lost sock collection?


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