Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – How to Make Kids Rain Pants

OK – so a bit of background to this post…..Our Au Pair (KK) is from Denmark (it rains a lot there, apparently).  She loves taking Miss Z playing outside, splashing in puddles and the like and was floored when she realised we couldn’t buy kid’s rain pants in Australia (have you looked? Most impossible! The few you can get are hugely priced! – a great business opportunity if I ever saw one…).  She admitted she did heaps of research and even thought about getting her mum to send some from home!!

As someone who hates the wet, I must admit I didn’t (at first) quite understand her shock, however as I saw just how much Miss Z LOVES the outdoors (not to mention the realisation of the mound of extra laundry we were getting) I came to agree.  It really is a shame something so simple is not more widely available!

No matter, me and my trusty sewing machine came to the rescue and I talked Himself into letting me cut down a pair of his old (and very grubby) work rain pants into Miss Z sized ones:)  It was honestly not that difficult.  Here’s how its done…

Start with some old rain pants (or even just waterproof material if you want to make from scratch);

How to make kids rain pants 1

Use a pair of your child’ pants to cut a template (remember you need to make them bigger than normal as they go over the clothes);

How to make kid's rain pants 2

Grab yourself some fold over elastic (FOE) and sew around the leg cuffs, using a zig zag stitch, stretching the elastic right out as you go.  I honestly didn’t bother to be particular about this at all – I mean really – they are made to be worn in the dirt and the rain so who gives a stuff what they look like??!

how to make kid's rain pants 3

I then turned everything inside out and sewed up the outside seams (as the inside ones were from the original pants).  I made the first cuts bigger/wider/taller than I thought was needed on purpose.  I wanted to try them on Miss Z and then check to see if the original waistband needed to be cut down, and by how much.  Obviously, if you are doing this from scratch, taking all appropriate measurements first would be a top idea:)

I did end up cutting down the waistband, and just used the same FOE trick for that as I did on the leg cuffs.  I then added a few snaps on each side of the waist, to allow the waistband to be taken in even further, just so it was a snug fit for Miss Z and we had less chances of water coming in and pants slipping down.

Z snaps

What I ended up with was a basic, useful and really neat little pair of rain pants. A total cost of…..well – ZERO.  I used everything I already owned and it took me a sum total of about 15mins in cutting and sewing.  Miss Z is now ready for some awesome puddle jumping and mud-trekking action!


Z photo 1

Z pants 2




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