School Holiday Crafts – Treasure Windows

The school holiday weariness is starting to creep in. Lets be honest here, a longer working week for me, both kids at home, cold and drizzly weather with a dash of added PMS does not make for a sunshiny happy Mumma! But I didn’t want to kids having yet MORE screen time so searched the cupboards for crafts to do.

I found a roll of clear contact that had been in the drawer for about three years, and gathered all little sparkly treasures and crafty feathers and some curling ribbon.

Have everything ready before the kids start because let’s face it, contact is a fickle beast and EVERYTHING sticks to my kids!

  • Cut squares of contact.
  • Cut a long piece of string, cotton or curling ribbon, long enough to run through a few squares (or diamonds) of contact.
  • Place a square in front of each child, sticky side up.
  • 20130714-213426.jpg

  • Let the kids go nuts with glitter shakers, feathers, stars, sequins, little bits of tissue paper etc.
  • 20130714-213413.jpg

  • Once they are done, place your string through the centre of your contact piece then carefully place a second piece of contact over the top to seal it.
  • 20130714-213419.jpg
    And there you have it, some little bejeweled pieces to hang from their windows…


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